I have been to Switzerland three times but all three visits have been to one city – Geneva.

My first visit to Geneva was in 2005 on a one week school trip at the end of my first year of sixth form. We slept in tents on a campsite next to Lake Geneva and did loads of activities including white water rafting, taking a cable car up Mont Blanc to visit the peak/a glacier, visiting CERN (The European Organisation for Nuclear Research) as well as visiting the United Nations Office and the Olympic Museum.

My second experience of Geneva was in 2012 when I took my first solo trip. I explored the old town and visited several museums including the Natural History Museum and the Lake Geneva Museum (you get the theme here – I’m a museum geek) but my favourite activity of all was having lunch at the top of Mont Salève and enjoying the view of Lake Geneva.

The third time I visited Geneva was during my interrailling trip in 2013. I decided to visit for just one night in order to visit an English speaking Baptist Church that I had found in the Old Town during my 2012 trip to Geneva. The church was amazing and was a lot like my home church in London. As I had been to Geneva twice before I didn’t feel the need to do any sightseeing so I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at my hostel having a much needed rest and planning the next stage of my trip.

After three visits, I can safely say that Geneva and it’s beautiful mountainous scenery has become one of my favourite cities!

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