I have never been much of a water baby. Well at least not as an adult. I tend to avoid
It was time to move out. I couldn’t stay there any longer. Multiple arguments had occurred and I couldn’t deal
When I was planning my Australian adventure, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a trip to the huge monolith
It’s been three months since I stepped off a twenty-eight hour flight and into the place that has been voted
I was cold. It had been warmer in London. I was wet. In London the sky had been blue without
  In the past, my solo trips have attracted a variety of responses ranging from "You're so brave!" to "It
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I have often been described as having a 'relaxed attitude to time' when it comes to social events. However, when
It was supposed to be a 30 minute wait for the train to Budapest but I arrived to find that
When I announced to my friends and family that I would be taking a solo interrailing trip which would involve
Yay! Thank you to Ola for my nomination for the Liebster Award! Here you can see my answers to her
When I decided to take an InterRailing trip in 2013, Nice and Barcelona were on my list of must-see destinations.