Personal Development

New Years resolutions are not really my thing but as 2018 merged into 2019, I decided to set myself some long-term goals in order to address issues, push myself, make progress and move forward with my life.

These goals mainly relate to:

  • SOCIAL ANXIETY – working to reduce the impact it has on my life
  • HEALTH – improving the way I eat and my fitness level
  • DRIVING – dealing with the fear and getting back on the road
  • DREAMS – achieving things that I have wanted to do for many years
  • WORK – creating something for myself

As the year has progressed, I have taken small steps to achieve each of these goals but as I way of holding myself accountable and pushing myself further, I wanted to start documenting what I’m doing – the successes, the setbacks and how I am working to achieve these goals.

These posts won’t be on my main home page but will be found under the “Personal Development” section.