My first visit to France was a school trip to Disneyland Paris in 2003. We traveled overnight by coach from our school (it took nine hours), explored the park during the daytime and then traveled back by coach arriving in London at 3am! Needless to say that I slept for most of the following day. It was a lot of fun though and I loved the rides.

My second visit to France was in February 2011. I went with three friends on the Eurostar to Paris for three days. Although I was going through a particularly difficult time at work at that time, the trip to Paris was one of the highlights of that year. As a child I had watched the cartoon ‘Madeline’ so it was great to be able to see the real-life places that had been shown in the cartoon. We had an amazing time and I will definitely be heading there again at some point.

My third visit to France was during my Interrailling trip in 2013. I visited Lyon and Nice. Lyon wasn’t on my original list of places to visit but I had a couple of days to spare so I decided to visit Lyon. I had read that it was the gastronomical capital of France as well as the second biggest city so my priorities were eating lots and sightseeing! It was a great city with lots to see and of course great food! Nice was pretty awesome as well. I loved the markets and the beach.

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